About BizBazaar

Canada Business Bazaar (BizBazaar) was founded to help immigrant investors connect with Canadians wishing to sell their business or franchise. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has multiple immigration streams for people wishing to become Permanent Residents and citizens of Canada by purchasing a small business or franchise. BizBazaar works closely with an industry leading immigration consultancy, lawyers and business analysts to ensure the business is not only sold for the appropriate value but that the buyer is able to immigrate to Canada upon purchase through the Owner/Operator LMIA stream or a similar provincial pathway.

Why BizBazaar

Free Listings

We list your business free of charge and actively work to find you the right buyer. By expanding the buyers’ market beyond Canada and appealing to investor immigrants looking to come to Canada; we will find the best buyer for your business by expanding beyond the Canadian market.

Database of Buyers

We work with a leading immigration consultancy to help qualified, hard-working immigrants purchase your business and achieve the Canadian dream through an appropriate investor immigration stream through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Contingency Based

We only take a transaction fee when your business is sold and this fee is passed on to the buyer. Our fee for buyers’ includes brokerage and business analysis, settlement assistance, and immigration support for the buyer to immigrate to Canada as a business owner/operator or investor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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